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2014 GA Big Brother of the Year



2014 Georgia Big Brother of the Year - Lavance Hurt

LLEDGEVILLE — Lavance Hurt, the 2014 Big Brother of the Year for Georgia is a member of Brothers Bridging the Gap, a leadership mentoring nonprofit supporting young black males.  In line with President Obama's recent initiative - My Brothers Keeper - this outstanding mentor has made a significant difference in the life of his Little Brother, RJ. 

RJ had just lost his father and the loss of his father was having a profound effect on him. RJ was declining in school; losing interest in things; and withdrawing. His mother also indicated that at one point RJ had even been talking about harming himself. RJ and LaVance hit it off immediately. So much so, RJ did not want it to end when it was time for LaVance to go. Within two weeks of the match RJ was happier; his grades began to improve; and he began reconnecting with others. LaVance considers RJ as part of his family and RJ considers LaVance’s son as his brother. LaVance is always there for RJ when he needs him. RJ often calls LaVance when he has questions, concerns, or just wants to talk.

Recently,  RJ made the decision on his own to sign up for and participate in EarlyCollegethis year, a program that allows students RJ’s age to begin taking college courses and those courses contribute to the child’s college GPA. LaVance was concerned about this because he is young and did not want his college GPA to be negatively affected if the classes were too challenging. RJ is doing really well and will actually begin his first college courses soon. LaVance plans to continue monitoring his progress to make sure he does not put his GPA in jeopardy.

The organization initially began with a group of 14 local African American men in early 2011. With assistance, guidance and training from Big Brothers Big Sisters program, Brothers Bridging the Gap continued to meet each month to lay down foundational ideas for growth and sustainability.

Current active members of Brothers Bridging the Gap include Tatnall Butts, Cedric Davis, Tony Blow, Lee Wilcher, Kenneth Kelsey, Lavance Hurt and Tony Havior, ranging in careers from an attorney, registered nurse and minister to a car salesman and retired educator.
The group is now recruiting other individuals from the community to get involved in hopes to serve 30 plus youth with educational, financial and social achievement.

For more information about Brothers Bridging the Gap or to get involved, contact a current member, call (706) 444-6444, or contact Big Brothers Big Sisters at 478-745-3984.

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